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Note from the Editor: Our purpose for publishing the following stories is to provide our visitors the current travel news and/or travel alerts from various governmental agencies as well as showing how the government spend your tax dollars. The content of travel-related articles on this website does not reflect the views or opinions of the Founder and Publisher of Please check with the current updates from the related agency of your own country and the country you plan to visit.

UK Government to Introduce New Border Measures

Updates on China Travel Advice

WHO: Chinese New Year Travel Advice

Air pollution: New Delhi, India

Hong Kong Travel Advice

E.coli advice for travelers to Egypt

Updates France Travel Information

Dengue Outbreak in the Caribbean

Updates on France Travel Advice - 01-30-2019

Updates on Philippines Travel Advice - 01-13-2019

Japan: Updated Travel Info - 09/06/18

Facial Biometrics Now Expediting the International Arrivals Process at Silicon Valley’s Airport

Turkmenistan: Travel Advice

Hong Kong Travel Advisory

U.S. Government Warns Americans Not to Travel to China

Blood Clots and Travel: What You Need to Know

China: updated recommendations for polio vaccination

Moorea, French Polynesia

Updates on French Polynesia Travel Advisory for U.S. Travelers

No End in Sight in France's 'Yellow Vest' Revolt

Drug-Resistant Infections in Mexico

New Zealand Claims Right to Demand Device Passwords From Travelers

Philippines Travel Advice - 8/17/2018

Papua New Guinea Travel Advisory

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red arrow Updates on Bermuda Travel Information

red arrow New Travel Advisories for U.S. Travelers

red arrow Europe Travel Alert from U.S. Dept. of State

red arrow Travel Brief: Updates on Panama Travel, March 2017

red arrow Travel Brief: Updates on Yellow Fever in Brazil

Trinidade Beach, Brazil

Montego Bay, Jamaicared arrow Updates on Jamaica Travel Information

red arrow Turkey's Security Condition After A Failed Military Coup

red arrow National Day of Iceland and Iceland Travel Advice

red arrow UK Launches ‘Super-Priority’ Visa Service in UAE

red arrow Change to Visa Process for Applicants Travelling from UAE to the UK

Nea Penteli, Greecered arrow Updates on Travelling to Greece

red arrow Earthquake in Ecuador

red arrow Travel News and Notes, 3/14/2016

red arrow ACSI Travel Report 2015: Consumers Happier With Airlines

red arrow Updates on the Security Situation in Brussels and Belgium

Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstonered arrow World's Greatest Concentration of Geysers

red arrow Traveling to China for 15th World Championships in Athletics

red arrow Updates on Vanuatu's Tropical Cyclone Pam

red arrow Updates on Volcano Activities in Ecuador

red arrow Mexico Travel Warning from the U.S. Department of State

red arrow VFS Global Inaugurate Visa Application Centre for the Republic of Cyprus

red arrow Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs) for Cayman Nationals to the UK

red arrow Honduras Travel Warning from The Department of State

red arrow UK Introduces New Health Surcharge to Non-EEA Nationals

red arrow Travel Information on Puerto Rico

red arrow Know Before You Go: Guatemala's Entry, Exit, and Visa Requirements

Bamako, Malired arrow Travel News: Mali to the United States

red arrow Philippines Travel Warning

red arrow Know Before You Go: Venezuela's Entry, Exit, and Visa Requirements

red arrow United States and Canada Announce Second Phase of Truck Cargo Pre-Inspection Pilot

red arrow Corporate Leaders: Customs Entry Delays Are Hurting Economy

red arrow Charges Filed Against Vendor for Selling Drugs and Guns on Silk Road Website

red arrow Venezuela: Local Laws and Special Circumstances

red arrow New Ferry Launched on Lake Malawi

red arrow

Leader of International Sex Trafficking Ring Sentenced to Life in Prison - 2/20/2014

Castle Doorwerth, the Netherlands

Netherlands 2014 Crime and Safety Report - Part I

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red arrow Study: Unused Time Off Harms U.S. Productivity, Broader Economy

red arrow FAA Forecast Sees Continued, Steady Growth in Air Travel

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